Demolition & Remediation

Bilt has been providing demolition services for over 30 years. When it comes to demolition, we love to destroy things…. but carefully! If you need it removed, we have the people, skills & equipment to do so. We also make sure we clean up our mess afterwards too.

We are a COR Safety Certified business and demolition is dangerous if not done properly. Furthermore, it can be a liability to the owner if an incident occurs. We take our work seriously and our first priority is to the health, safety of everyone and environment stewardship. 

Our niche and unique value proposition in this space is our turnkey capabilities and ability to scale. Browse through our gallery for some of the work we have done.

Get Started


From our scalability based on in-house staff, large workforce, and decades of experience doing demolition work, we are your one-stop shop for demolition & remediation.

  • Need a simple quote and fast demolition work done? No problem, call us and we will be there within 1 day to quote and as fast as 24 hours to begin work.

  • Is your project more complex? Bilt’s engineering services is available and will assist with structural assessments prior to the project, and provide temporary and permanent structural stamped designs to ensure the safety of all people at all times. Furthermore, you will have peace of mind knowing your assets is structurally safe and sound.

  • Demolition is messy work and we take care to ensure proper hoarding and dust management is in place.

  • Running an active business? No problem, we love working around the clock so if customer service is critical to your business, we will schedule our work hours around yours.

  • Electrical and plumbing is no problem for us. Our extended team includes journeyman trades people and we are able to handle virtually any surprise that pops up.

  • Demolition is usually just the start. Beyond providing a clean final space to you, we pride ourselves on trying to ensure a ready state for your next crew of trades people. For examples, all nails pulled, joints ready to but drywall up where needed, and more.

Give us a call. We will be on site within 24 hours.