Building a large wooden structure like a hotel or commercial building? Does your industrial project require a high number of wooden supports or blocks? Do you require a lot of transportation crates?

Bilt’s prefab facility is an ideal solution to produce high volume structures or large wooden structures. As construction specialists, not only do we offer the services to construct items of this nature, but we also have the expertise to consult and guide you on approaches that may make your projects more successful. 

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To better serve our customers, we make sure our process is as simple as possible.

  • Prefabricating exterior and interior walls, floor systems, and roof systems, for medium to large commercial / residential buildings, will shorten your project schedule getting your facility operating faster thus lowering carrying costs and also achieving operational revenue quicker. If you need help with demolition before you begin, we got you covered.

  • For high volume wood structures Bilt is setup to quickly and efficiently produce what you need allowing you to focus on your main business.

  • Keeping loyal, happy construction staff is always a challenge when working in the extreme Alberta weather conditions. Our facilities are setup so that all our work is done indoors, resulting in better quality, more productive workers that don’t have to persevere through challenging outdoor conditions, and a predictable delivery date.

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