Whether you are looking at an old building renovation or new construction, we thrive on tackling challenging projects. We are unique in that we offer individual trade services; such as electrical, carpentry or demolition services, but we also have the management team to deliver turn key projects. This dual capability provides our customers with a mid-sized construction partner that can tackle more than a single scope of work. We provide our customers more flexible and efficient services and ultimately a successful and cost effective project.



Our quality of work resides in our ability to provide efficient, safe, and reliable services for our customers. We are a proud COR certified company and also certified with Partnerships in Injury Reduction. Our broad array of individual trade services include: Demolition & Remediation; Electrical; Carpentry; Landscaping & Snow Removal

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Bilt provides services to commercial, residential, and industrial markets in Edmonton and surrounding areas and we specialize in hotel renovations, commercial tenant improvements, and old building rehabilitation projects.

We listen to our customers, our suppliers and each other.

We’re honest with everyone we encounter, and with ourselves.

We’re smartand apply our energy to Lean Construction Principles.

We’re focused on creating the best spaces and buildings in the world.

We’re good partners and willing to go further to achieve the goals of our team.

We’re safeand we adhere to the strictest industry standards for safety.