From LEED to the WELL Being Standard to Net Zero, Bilt is a company focused on leading edge certifications. Because of our uncompromising standards and adherence to the industry’s best certification methods, our customers are guaranteed a healthy and highly functional space to live, work and breathe.

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Safe and Sound

Maintaining a safe workplace is an ongoing implementation of the best industry standards, practices, and procedures. The fundamentals of our health and safety program consists of:

Putting employees first.

Safety is embedded in our culture, and it’s something every member of our team lives on the job and at home, ensuring we do things right at all times. We don’t take risks when it comes to the safety of our employees and contractors. If we believe that a workplace poses high risks and unidentifiable hazards that may cause harm and danger to our team, we don’t take the chance. It is mandatory for our team members to receive proper education on construction safety and verification of competency.

Thinking proactively.

Bilt’s health and safety management program identifies and assesses workplace hazards, while anticipating the risks involved in the operation.

  • An updated Health and Safety Policy
  • Emergency response planning
  • Incident/near miss reporting and investigation system
  • An ongoing inspection program